Thursday, July 21, 2016

Meet Beth Everett: Author & Safe Cannabis Advocate

Meet Beth Everett, author of the Lee Harding mystery series. She grew up in the coastal hills of San Francisco. When she wasn't writing books about ladybug circuses, she was suspecting the worst of her neighbors and looking for clues of their misdeeds. She blames Nancy Drew. The author is working on her third book, Where Charlotte Lays, which takes place in her hometown of Portland, Oregon. She finds the natural beauty of the rain forest to be a most inspirational place. She is a member of PDX writers, whom she writes with weekly. She has a writing partner, Cassandra Longest, whom she also meets with weekly. These are the people who help her to always be improving her craft . Everett is a cannabis legalization advocate, and speaks on the issue on radio and blogs. She spends her free time in the woods with two badly behaved Beagles, whom she fears will discover a dead body . Image & Summary Credit:

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Meet Dr. John McGrail: Author of The Synthesis Effect

Meet Dr. John McGrail, a hypnotherapist based out of Los Angeles and author of "The Synthesis Effect: our Direct Path to Personal Power and Transformation", (Career Press). His Synthesis process is dedicated to helping people create health, wellness, personal change, growth, empowerment and spiritual balance both quickly and profoundly; it is very much focused on the integration or synthesis of science and spirit, a concept enjoying a huge surge of interest and popularity the area of human development and pop culture. Synthesis offers and teaches a way to live life virtually free of suffering. He calls it practical enlightenment; a state of being attainable by anyone willing to commit to themselves and the process. Image & Bio Credit: Dr. John McGrail;;

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Meet Mike Shelah: Driving Sales from LinkedIn

Meet Mike Shelah who began his technology sales career in 1999. This served as a launching pad for Mike to develop his skills in sales strategy, leadership, networking and public speaking. These valuable experiences allowed him to start consulting in 2011 which lead him to host his website four years later. Learn about his career endeavors which have evolved over time to allow him to teach others how to garner success in sales, capitalize upon LinkedIn and much more. He serves as a SME for social media, networking, fundraising, training, leadership, mentoring, writing, LinkedIn and Twitter. Bio & Image Credit: LinkedIn;

Discussing Morning Routines with Dr. Lunide Louis

 Thank you Dr. Lunide for Welcoming Me Into Your World. Credit: Dr. Lunide Louis Credit: Dr. Lunide Louis