Monday, May 9, 2016

Meet Yolanda: Straight Talk Motivator & Professional

Meet Yolanda, the Straight Talk Motivator, who delivers high energy messages which tell individuals how to overcome adversity and inspires them to achieve their dreams. A message Yolanda has lived. In spite of dropping out of junior high school, Yolanda holds a MBA in business administration and a second in acquisition and contracts. Yolanda is also an award winning author, motivational speaker and a business consultant. 
Yolanda uses the overwhelming circumstances she has faced in her own life to motivate, empower and impact the lives of her audiences. After accepting that only she could change her situation, Yolanda took charge and made decisions to improve her life and its circumstances. Her unique mix of personal and professional triumphs motivates both business and social event attendees. Image & Bio Credit:

Credit: Yolanda M. Tucker

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