Friday, April 15, 2016

Meet Robbie: Self Mastery Coach & Radio Host

Meet Robbie Cornelius, a Self Mastery Coach & Host of NSOL Radio hailing from the great state of Georgia. Having survived a traumatic car accident at the age of seven and enduring sensitive domestic experiences during his youth, Robbie became acclimated to living a life of sheer survival day to day before he acquired a taste of an opulent lifestyle that left him questioning his decisions in life. Following a period of introspection Robbie decided to abandon the glamour and material temptations along his path as he slowly embarked upon his spiritual journey. From that moment on he has only looked forward by welcoming the blessings that continue coming into his path. His deep voice, his rich laughter and wise validations tell us that we are privileged to walk alongside him in this journey we call 'Life'.

Credit: Robbie, NSOL Radio

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